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December 14th, 2004

05:51 pm
"We're not going to accept a salary cap,'' added winger Brad Isbister. "If they reject it and come back with a cap, we're just that much farther apart.''

No SlapShots. No Body Checks. No hatricks.

Friday: went to school, came home, relaxed, did some of my picturetrail: http://www.picturetrail.com/craziigeminii88 (yeah well thats all i have for now, i dont have a ton of free to waste) anyway then i got ready then mikeyy came over and i got to spend the night with him <33

Saturday: sang for key club at the mall with some people, than me, jack n steve hung at the mall for a couple hours, ate lunch and orgasmic deserts and did some shopping and yes i got my lovely gift for the grab bag :) then jackie went to work n me n steve hung around and then went to go annoy jack at work. then came home, relaxed and a little than family friends came over and we had some finger foods and some mixed drinks...ohh babyy. then got on the phone with tuohy for a couple hours. then joined everyone again and we ate chinese food and played games and ate desert n stuff. then they left and went online n talked to people for awhile

Sunday: went to church and then into brooklyn to visit grandma with mommie. got my homework done and then my cousin came up and we played some uno & trouble and baked a cake. then came home, relaxed, watched some desperate housewives and chatted with mikey on the phone and then went to bed.

Monday: ughhh school...came home, did homework and then went out for awhile, then came home and watched some tv and chatted with michael and then went to bed.

Tuesday: school...came home did some homework and now im relaxing, talkin to pppl...prob should go start studyin, i have a couple tests tomorrow.

im kinda sick of writing about the play by play of my life...so idk how much longer this shizz is gunna go on for.
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Drop It Like It's Hott - Snoop Dogg

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December 9th, 2004

07:28 pm - gRLs Rok bOiS: happy festival of lights!!
okay so where did i leave off??

monday: ughh mondaysss suckkk!! went to school, then stayed after with ang to decorate the principal & his secretarys door for chorus...then came home, did homework, relaxed, talked to mike on the phone and then went to sleep :)

tuesday: school...then went afterschool for chem...then pretty much the last drivers ed lecture class...ughh it was sooo boring. then went back to jacks for awhile. then mommie picked me up, came home did homework and relaxed. then mikey called and we chatted for awhile, then i went to bed.

wednesday: school...then chilled back at jackies with steve n then me n jack went back for drivers ed....roaddd timeee with normiee!! then came home, did homework and ate dinner. then went volunteering at sws and got to do some reading. then came home, relaxed and chit chatted with mikey on the fone and then went neeny nawny.

thursday: school...stayed after for us...went to with mommie after and then i got to pick up my pics...they came out alrite. came home, did some h/w and now im makin a webshots...so everyone can see pictures, yay!
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: We Can Last Forever - Chicago

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December 5th, 2004

06:34 pm - lisa, what's teabagging???
Wednesday: got up, went to school for 2 periods, then ventured with the french class on a rainy day on a smelly, leaky bus, with crying ashley to some random foreign movie theatre. we get lost, find it, turns out to be a place where old ppl hang out. theres no food, no heat and brown outs. movie wasnt bac, browned out in the middle and we went to the bathroom in the dark..ohh babyy. then finished the movie. stopped at mcdonalds on the way back to school, and like i never get mcdonalds i thought i was gunna be sick on the ride back to school haha. gay flyers??? good times guysss!! "the best, worst trip" haha. then caught the end of 9th period english, got the work, then went around to other classes n got my missed work. then me n jack went back to her house and chilled and did my homework. then we went driving with normieeee. then home, did some more hw, ate and went to volunteer at sws. relaxed there and studied. came home, studied some more and chatted with michael on the fone and then went to bed.

Thursday: went to school, came home right after schook, chilled and did homework and studied n stuff. watched the shows and chatted with mikey on the fone and then went to bed.

Friday: went to school, then to key club (priceless discussions!!), eye doctor and then to the mall w/ mommie for a couple hours. applied at a couple stores, then got quiznos for dinner. then came home, showered and got ready and went over to mikes house. hung with mikeyyy all nite then came home and passed out.

Saturday: got up early, showered and then met daddys work friend and his family and we all went into brooklyn for the DTCC christmas work party. daddy was at the desk and pete was dressed up as rudolph. me n mommie just went around...eating, mingling, taking pictures. awesome music, but like no one to dance with..except little kids..ohh no! haha. but i got to chill with santa...wow im sucha loserrr! chatted with jack on the train home. then came home, got changed and went to church with the family. then went to sing christmas songs with ppl at the tree lighting in front of the seaford community. then me, stina, ash, tuo n kristie went to outbackkk!! waited an hour n a half...like tearin up the condom aisle in cvs...and just chilling, then finally get seated. get like extra food and like quick service, we devoured that food...haha. then we all went to stinas for a slumber partyyy!! we got in our pjs, took silly pics, did face masks, played games, chatted, pretzels experiment gone soo bad, sucking on big canes, totally pigging out, destroyed stinas house and then cleaned it and who could forget THE SCARLETT LETTER, yes we rented it and ohh mannN!! they combined the crucide and the scarlett letter and like tituba was like getting it on with a red bird, naked in a bath while dimmesdale and hester were like getting it onn...ohhh mannn guyss!! haha...except for some people who ruined our night...we still had an awesome times...our talks were the best..yes even the ones with danny <3 haha...went to bed like after 4 and like me n ash are playin dumb a-z games, then finally fell asleep.

Sunday: was awoken today by kristie shaking me...before 7! ugh didnt feel so good...her n stina had to go somewhere for cheerleading. so i came home and went to sleep for like 2hours, then got up, showered, got ready and went into brooklyn with the fam. went for brunch with like the whole, loud, obnixious paguaga clan to celebrate an early grandmas birthday and an early outing for grandpa...idk idont want to sound weird but around the time of grandpa petes death, we all go out, like the family, idk. so did that, then went back to aunt beths and everyone was just so loud and ughh...so i went n hung in aunt beths bedroom alone and do schoolwork. still not feeling too well. then on way home, got stuck in a lot of traffic and i had like a breakdown. haha...so now im home, ughh still not feeling well but tryin to finish this damn schoolwork so i could relaxxxxx

filled one of these out bc i felt like it...so here...enjoyyy!!

o01. name: lisa
o02. d.o.b.: 06/02/88
o03. location: seaford
o04. religion: roman catholic
o05. occupation: shs student and coliseum charmer

o01. hair: mixture of natural colors
o02. eyes: dark brown
o03. weight: umm yeah...not telling
o04. height: almost 5'4"

o01. wearing: sweatshirt and sweats
o02. listening to: love is a battlefield
o03. thinking of: finishing my homework...yes im a loserrr! haha

o01. bought: dinner last nite at outback
o02. ate & drank: water and candy
o03. read: the scarlett letter
o04. watched on tv: giants game

o01. club or houseparty: both are good...but houseparties are more funn!
o02. tea or coffee: coffee...milk & sugar...thank you
o03. achiever or slacker: achiever
o04. beer or cider: ummm...beer
o05. drinks or shots: shots babyy!! woo!!
o06. cats or dogs: dogs
o07. single or taken: taken
o08. pen or pencil: pen
o09. gloves or mittens: gloves
o10. food or candy: depends on my mood
o11. cassette or cd: cd
o12. coke or pepsi: pepsi
o13. hard or mild alcohol: harddd!! woo!!
o14. matches or a lighter: ligter...i cant strike a match and weve seen that in chem lab

o01. kill: killing isnt nice...ha
o02. hear from: ppl i havent heard from
o03. get really wasted with: my girls
o04. look like: someone hott
o05. be like: my grandpa
o06. avoid: ppl i dont like
o07. have sex with: a guy

o01. touched: mother
o02. talked to: mother
o03. hugged: whole family
o04. instant messaged: i dont im ppl...they im ME
o05. kissed: if you mean like kissed kissed and not like pecks on the ceek to the fem...then my boyfriend
o06. who broke your heart: hmmm idk

o01. eat: wherever i feel like it
o02. dance: in my room when no ones watching or at the clubbb
o03. cry: my room
o04. wish you were: out

o01. dated one of your best friends?: yes
o02. loved somebody so much it makes you cry?: yes
o03. drank alcohol?: yes
o04. done drugs?: neverrrrrr
o05. broken the law?: haha yep
o06. ran away from home?: nah
o07. broken a bone?: nope
o08. cheated on a test?: not recently
o09. skinny dipped?: no...but looks like fuN!
o10. played truth or dare?: ohh baby yesss
o11. flashed someone?: yeah
o12. mooned someone?: nahh
o13. kissed someone you didn't know?: dont think so
o14. been on a talk show/game show?: on z100...does that count??
o15. been in a fight?: of course, im lisa :)
o16. ridden in a fire truck?: nope
o17. been on a plane?: yes
o18. come close to dying?: i think so
o19. cheated on your boy/girlfriend?: never
o20. gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride?: yeah, i have little cousins
o21. eaten a worm/mud pie?: ugh no
o22. swam in the ocean?: yessss
o23. had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up?: yep

o01. food?: depends on my mood, i get sick of eating too much of one thing
o02. drink?: diet coke, water, coffee
o03. color?: blues
o04. album?: i dont buy cds..i just burn'em
o05. shoes?: steve madden heels
o06. site?: newyorkislanders, livejournal
o07. dance?: haha idk...lap dance :)
o08. song?: too many to name
o09. vegetable?: potatoes, carrots
o10. fruit?: watermelon,strawberries, blueberries, bananas, kiwi, apples
o11. scent?: abercrombie & fitch mens cologne..fierce...yumm!!

o01. the most embarrassing CD in your collection?: hanson? jewel?
o02. your bedroom like?: its white, believe it or not...covered almost all in pictures, posters n stuff...i have a bed, couple pieces of furniture, some rugs, a tv, a stereo, roses in a vase, some pic frames
o03. your favorite thing for breakfast?: cereal
o04. your favorite thing for lunch?: whatever i feel like
o05. your favorite thing for dinner?: whatever i feel like
o06. your favorite restaurant?: espn zone
o07. your most embarrassing moment?: theres a bunch

o01. a vegetarian?: nah
o02. a good student?: i try
o03. good at sports?: ehh
o04. wakeboarding/snowboarding.. etc?: nope
o05. a good singer?: ehh i try
o06. a deep sleeper?: not really
o07. a good dancer?: ahh! i try
o08. shy?: can be
o09. outgoing?: can be
o10. a good storyteller?: idk..why dont you ask someone who has heard me tell a story..ehh??
o11. last words?: last words
Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: Love Is A Battlefield - Pat Benatar

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November 30th, 2004

06:48 pm - jackies gunna boost canada's economy & birth rate...haha
okay...so where did i leave ya's last...

Sunday: got up, showered, got ready and made brownies...then i went over to michaels house and spent the whole day with him <3 :) <3 :) <3 i love himmmmm!!!!!! then came home, did some stuff, watched some desperate housewives with the family...yeah like dont ask haha. then got on the fone with mikey and talked to him for awhile and then we went to bed.

Monday: usually mondayyyys suckkkkk!!! but this monday didnt..it was me n michaels 6th month anniversary :) haha...yeah got up and went to school. got to speak with mikey in the morning and like the whole day i was just in a good mood bc all i could possibly think about was him and everything. but yeah i guess school was alright. haha. then came home, did some homework and relaxed. then talked to mikey n stuff and showered. then i was fighting with mommie so i was all upset. then mommie and pete went to hockey practice...then couple minutes they call me and theyre back home and they have mikeyy with them...ohh man that definately changed my mood :) so they left again for practice and me n mikeyyy got to chill...then we went to the movies and saw polar express....very cute. then came home and opened his gifts and then called jackie to cry to her about what an amazing boyfriend i have <33 then chatted with mikeyyy on the phone...i love you so much baby, happy 6 months...its been the best 6 months of my life :)

Tuesday: awoke and went to school. had only a couple classes because we had a half day today but ughhh we had d/e lecture like right after school and that kinda sucked. but after that me n jack went downstairs and found our parentals mingling with our teachers at "parent teacher conferences". then we decided we werent needed in the plant sale...so we went for chinese food...yay!! then we went back to jackies and chilled around for awhile. then mommie picked me up and gave a me a good report from all my teachers...wooo hooo...go meee!! then came home, and now im sitting here finishing up some homework...because i have shows to watch from last night that i taped and one tree hill. ahhh!! my father met joe torre and got his autograph, haha...okay byebyee!!
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
Current Music: Open Arms - Journey

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November 27th, 2004

11:56 pm
okay another long update...

tuesday: went to school, stayed after for drivers ed lecture. came home, did some homework and studying. then chatted with mikey on the fone and then went to bed.

wednesday (like a fridayy!!) went to school, pretty much a relaxing day. chilled at j-rolls house after school and then went back for drivers ed. went driving in the rain with norm. then came home and semi got ready and mikeyy came overrr!! got to spend an awesome night with him <33 then he went home and went online to chat with me :) haha

thursday: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! YAY!! haha..got to sleep in a little, then we ventured into brooklyn and spent our thanksgiving with grandma and her cousin, kinda small thanksgiving than usual but ohh well. got to eat a lot of food and sleep for a couple hours...ohhh yeahhh it was all good!! then came home and i watched elf with the family. then came online and chatted with ppl foreverr!

friday: got to sleep late...woo hoo!! then got up and decided to do some homework while the rest of the world was shopping. then went to get my nails & toes done, came home and got ready and then went to sloss' sweet 16. yeahh got to hang with some sober ppl and watch over our drunk friends...it was greatt!! me n zimm constantly eating...haha! idk i cant drink at sweet 16s...i feel too bad :/ ohh well...sloss looked sooo pretty! happy sweet 16 babeee!! then afterwards came home, finished up some homework and chatted with ppl online...and drunk ash & tuo...ohhh lordiee! haha

saturday: woke up and made pancakes!! then chilled around, finished up all my homework and my english project which i still dont know if i did right...i hate that teachers give us so much homework over a little break...jeez dont they know we have a lifeee!!! anyway..then went to church with the fam and then got chinese food. then went over tuos and relaxed and chatted about stuff all nite...nipple-phobic??? yeah were two very horny ppl...hahaha. and now here i am...online once again, chattin away :) hehe
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Current Music: LaLa - Ashlee Simpson

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November 22nd, 2004

06:19 pm
wow okay i havent updated in awhile...

tuesday night: chilled around...did some homework and went to drivers ed lecture. hung out there with ppl then came home in time for one tree hill. so watched that and then talked to mikey on the fone and then went to bed.

wednesday: had school...then hung around after school with jack and did some h/w n stuff. then went driving with norm. then came home and did some homework and chatting. then i went to volunteer at sws with my studying stuff. then came home and did some more school stuff. then talked to mikey on the fone and then went to bed.

thursday: more school...came home afterwards and did some homework and studying. then went to babysit at sws with tuohy...we got to chat and watch little kiddies color us pictures...hehe. then came home and watched some tv and finished up some studying. then michael called and we talked and then went to bed.

noticing a pattern?? haha

friday: went to school, had a couple tests...hung after school for chem with tuo n sammi. then me, tuo, jack n steve went to key club. then mommie picked me up and we went to the contact doctor and the asian ladies. then mommie took me driving for a little bit. then came home and showered and got ready and went over to michaels for a couple hours. got to spend my night with the best boyfriend in the entire world !! :) <333 then came home :( and chatted with him online for awhile and then went to bed.

saturday: got up and went to ihop for breakfast with stina, kristie, steve, jaxx n manda...yeahh and we had funn...we got soo muchhh food, even the lunch sampler ?? haha. then manda and jaxx went home to get ready for her confirmation. so me, kristie, stina and steve went to the mall for a couple of hours...and just hung out, went into random stores and took random pictures. ohh and how can we forget, when i agreed to take a survey and make $3 and ran out bc i felt violated...haha. then came home and went like straight to church. then came home and saw that we had plans. so like jumped in the shower, ate quickly and got ready. then me n tuohy ventured over to kevs house and met up with ash, phil n gong. then kev came back with mikey and a bunch of his guy friends and then some more ppl came. and we had fun...we drank...we danced...we sung...crazyyy timesss!! wooo hooo!! i loveeeee michaellll!!!! then came home...like staggered into my house and went online and talked to some ppl...and the drunk neenan..haha

sunday: woke up nice and early to shower and get ready to go into brooklyn with the family. visited grandma mary for a bit then went over to meet grandma joan and aunt beth at a craft fair at grandmas church. and got a lovely phone call from my love...lauren tuohy...and discussed matters with her. then re-joined the family. family bought some stuff...then we were all gunna go for lunch except our car had another flat..so dad n pete met us afterwards. so after we ate, we went back to aunt beths and like played a little 'HDTV' with the apartment, made brownies, played with her birdies and watched tv. then we left and came home...and had to do a bunch of homework and stuff for school bc i was lazy and didnt do any of it all weekend. so did that and then relaxed and watched some desperate housewives and talked to jack on the fone. then as soon as i hung up with her, michael called. so we talked for a long while and then eventually went to bed.

today: ughh monday mornings suckk...but yeah managed to get up and go to school. some ppl really annoy me :) haha..whatever so came home and ive been burning cds and doing some homework...
Current Mood: blankblank
Current Music: Angel of Mine - Monica

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November 16th, 2004

05:04 pm
Saturday: woke up...and went into brooklyn with mommie to spend some time with grandma. so i got to relax on the couch for a couple hours, watch some awesome movies and eat..so i was very happy. then came home, got ready and then went over to michaels. spent the night snuggling with him <33 then came home, talked online and then went to bed.

Sunday: woke up to go to mass with mommie. holy god i did not feel well...i felt like i had a hangover, like you know, but i didnt bc i didnt drink the night before. whatever...i felt so gross and my moms eyes hurt so we left church earlier. came home, took a nap...whole family went to petes hockey game and i stayed home and was lazy. did homework, got stuff ready for school and watched a couple scary movies. then watched the american music video awards...then mikey called...so talked to him and then went neeny nawy..hehe!!

Monday: ughh school...came home and relaxed, did the homework and went out for a bit, got to drive, woo hoo!! then came home and watched 7th heaven and everwood, then chatted with michael on the phone and went to bed.

Tuesday: more school!!! yay we got to play with killer marine worms in marine bio!! and le petit prince in french...ohh man awesome times in that class!!! then mommie picked me up and we ventured over to all american, so i could apply. i got a good vibe so im hopin theyll call me back :) then mommie took me driving...and i did pretty good :) then came home, ate lunch and did some homework. im sitting here babbling with sciotto about random stuff tryin to figure this chem essayy...who ever heard of essays in chemistry...umm now you have :)
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
Current Music: Memory - Sugarcult

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November 13th, 2004

12:09 am - today is a good bang day...lauren tuohy
okay so ill update my week...

monday: ugh back to school...went to school...start of the second quarter...came home and did homework and studied a little. no shows on in the evening...so just relaxed and watched random stuff. then talked to mikey on the fone and went to bed.

tuesday: school...chilled around after school...took the D/E midterm, which i didnt think was too bad. then came home and did homework. then was on the fone with tuohy for awhile. then watched one tree hill. chatted on the telephone with michael and then went to sleep.

wednesday: school...then went back to jacks house after school and chilled around. then went back for D/E and saw i got a 72 on the D/E midterm which i guess was good bc ppl got in the 60s & 70s. then we went driving with norm. and he made us all go into tears and then shared with us how to fill up a cream doughnut...ohhh mannn. and then more driving and manuvering in the dark..oh yeahh. then came home and got ready. then mikeyy came over for a couple of hours in the evening and yeah we had fun <33 then he left and we chatted online and then went to sleep.

thursday: happy 16th birthday patrick butler...we miss you so muchhh!! ughh had to be at school at 730 am...ughh sooo lame. just rolled outta bed and went, met up with some ppl and we watched 2 videos...then came home, relaxed and showered and got ready. then me n tuohy went schopping at roosevelt field. we spent hours there, shopping around from store to store, takin random pics and observing that funky woman, cookies and just good timeesss! then came home, picked up some stuff from cvs and then applied at enricos...so well see what happens with that...then came home and did a bunch of hw and watched some of my shows. then relaxed and mikey called and we chatted for a bit, then went to bed.

friday: back to school...ugh the whole day was soo blah between the weather and me kept thinking it was a monday and it wasnt. haha. yeah that day kinda dragged, chilled after school with ppl and did some hw. then went to the sing a thon with ppl for a little bit. then came home and got ready. then tuohy came over. and we pigged out and got ready and realized its sick how alike we are...hehe. then mikey came over. and then phil and ash. and we were supposed to go bowling but we didnt...maybe cosmic bowling tomorrow night...so we just chilled at my house all night like playing games, eating and talking. then phil, ash n tuo left and i got to spend some time with the most amazing boyfriend in the world. and then he left and now we are chatting online.
Current Mood: enthralledenthralled
Current Music: Heaven - Live

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November 7th, 2004

07:02 pm
Saturday: had the privledge of sleeping till like 1230 which was awesome. then got up and had some breakfast and relaxed. did some homework then got bored so i got ready and made plans with ppl and they ditched me :) ohh man do i love friends! so then i chilled n stuff...then like showered and went to church with the family. then got carmelas with the fam...then some of us were supposed to go to tuohys but that fell through. so i ate my dinner and did finished up my homework, got ready and then went over to mikes after he got off work. got to spend another amazing night with him...i love him sooo much <333 then came home and talked with him online for another couple of hours. then went to bed.

today: got to sleep till like 1030ish and the whole fam was already up, woke me up and told me to get ready bc we were going to see my cuzns basketball game. so thats what we did...got to chill with my cousin and watch her little sister play some good ole basketball and my uncle coach her team...they wonn!! so afterwards we all went for lunch..mcdonalds...which i dont eat...but yeah we chilled there. then they had to go out so we came home. so came home and got some stuff together for school and listened to some old cds. talked on the fone with jack for awhile...then i studied and watched the giants. then had some dinner and now im just online, doing nothing really...
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: I Couldn't Ask For More - Edwin McCain

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November 6th, 2004

12:25 am
here we go...

monday night: got ready and went to michaels and spent an awesome night with him <333 then came home, chillaxed and then went to sleep.

tuesday: election day...we were off...but i had to be at the school by 730am for drivers ed lecture...ughh! then went to breakfast with mommie, grandma and the cirillo p-units. then came home and instead of going to the mall with mommie and grandma...just relaxed. then got ready a little and met up with pete and dad and all of us ventured to queens for my cousins grandmas wake...it was sad and we chilled there for awhile and mingled. then went back to our car and we had a flat so daddy had to fix it. came home late that night and i was exhausted but no president had been elected.

wednesday: so hard to get up..but it was accomplished. went to school...then back to jackies for a little snack and homework doing. then walked back to the school for drivers ed. found out bush was voted president for another 4 years :) drove around, parallel parked for the first time in the dark...ohh man....go me! then came home and relaxed, had no homework. so went to religious ed with mommie n pete and but in some volunteer time thurr. then came home and relaxed. talked on the fone with michael. then i went to sleep :)

thursday: school...stayed after for math...then mommie picked me up and we went to verizon to get my fone fixed. in the time we had to wait, me n mommie got ihop...hehe. then went back and was informed that my cell phone and the battery and everything was broken and i needed a new fone and since there was no power my settings couldnt be saved. man! i was pissed off. but he gave us a number to call when we got home for a new fone...called them and turns out they dont make my fone anymore so i was gunna get the newer version. then just chilled...did some homework and studying and watch my shows. then chatted with michael on the fone and then went neeny-nawny...haha

friday: school...ugh had some tests, watched some movies...ehhh schools a pain in the ass. haha. chilled afterschool with tuo, sti & ash...then me n tuo went to key club..haha the goodtimes we have in key club. yeah *cough* losers *cough* so then came home and discovered my new cell phone had arrived. so spent like the afternoon like programming it and playing with my new features (yess ppl videooo!!!) and downloading ringtones. then i showered, talked to ppl...went to get my hair cut...then came home and got ready and went over to mikeys. we got to hang out alone for awhile then jimmy picked us up and took us to phils to meet up with phil, ash and tuo. then we ventured to blockbusters. then back to phils and played some catch phrase and chilled. then more of their buddies came over and we watched some of the movie, it was crazyyy...good timessss. then came home and here i am, just relaxing and talking to mikey and so psyched that i can sleep tomorrow :)
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: Goodies - Ciara

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