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today is a good bang day...lauren tuohy - *i LuV eRoTiC eUrOs*

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November 13th, 2004

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12:09 am - today is a good bang day...lauren tuohy
okay so ill update my week...

monday: ugh back to school...went to school...start of the second quarter...came home and did homework and studied a little. no shows on in the evening...so just relaxed and watched random stuff. then talked to mikey on the fone and went to bed.

tuesday: school...chilled around after school...took the D/E midterm, which i didnt think was too bad. then came home and did homework. then was on the fone with tuohy for awhile. then watched one tree hill. chatted on the telephone with michael and then went to sleep.

wednesday: school...then went back to jacks house after school and chilled around. then went back for D/E and saw i got a 72 on the D/E midterm which i guess was good bc ppl got in the 60s & 70s. then we went driving with norm. and he made us all go into tears and then shared with us how to fill up a cream doughnut...ohhh mannn. and then more driving and manuvering in the dark..oh yeahh. then came home and got ready. then mikeyy came over for a couple of hours in the evening and yeah we had fun <33 then he left and we chatted online and then went to sleep.

thursday: happy 16th birthday patrick butler...we miss you so muchhh!! ughh had to be at school at 730 am...ughh sooo lame. just rolled outta bed and went, met up with some ppl and we watched 2 videos...then came home, relaxed and showered and got ready. then me n tuohy went schopping at roosevelt field. we spent hours there, shopping around from store to store, takin random pics and observing that funky woman, cookies and just good timeesss! then came home, picked up some stuff from cvs and then applied at enricos...so well see what happens with that...then came home and did a bunch of hw and watched some of my shows. then relaxed and mikey called and we chatted for a bit, then went to bed.

friday: back to school...ugh the whole day was soo blah between the weather and me kept thinking it was a monday and it wasnt. haha. yeah that day kinda dragged, chilled after school with ppl and did some hw. then went to the sing a thon with ppl for a little bit. then came home and got ready. then tuohy came over. and we pigged out and got ready and realized its sick how alike we are...hehe. then mikey came over. and then phil and ash. and we were supposed to go bowling but we didnt...maybe cosmic bowling tomorrow night...so we just chilled at my house all night like playing games, eating and talking. then phil, ash n tuo left and i got to spend some time with the most amazing boyfriend in the world. and then he left and now we are chatting online.
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