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gRLs Rok bOiS: happy festival of lights!! - *i LuV eRoTiC eUrOs*

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December 9th, 2004

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07:28 pm - gRLs Rok bOiS: happy festival of lights!!
okay so where did i leave off??

monday: ughh mondaysss suckkk!! went to school, then stayed after with ang to decorate the principal & his secretarys door for chorus...then came home, did homework, relaxed, talked to mike on the phone and then went to sleep :)

tuesday: school...then went afterschool for chem...then pretty much the last drivers ed lecture class...ughh it was sooo boring. then went back to jacks for awhile. then mommie picked me up, came home did homework and relaxed. then mikey called and we chatted for awhile, then i went to bed.

wednesday: school...then chilled back at jackies with steve n then me n jack went back for drivers ed....roaddd timeee with normiee!! then came home, did homework and ate dinner. then went volunteering at sws and got to do some reading. then came home, relaxed and chit chatted with mikey on the fone and then went neeny nawny.

thursday: school...stayed after for us...went to with mommie after and then i got to pick up my pics...they came out alrite. came home, did some h/w and now im makin a webshots...so everyone can see pictures, yay!
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: We Can Last Forever - Chicago

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