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November 1st, 2004

05:09 pm
okay heres my update...

wednesday night: just relaxed, did some schoolwork and chatted with mikey on the fone. then went to bed.

thursday: green n white day..yeah wore my old softball jersey...yeah thats right seaford pride! but yeah just a regular - ole day at seaford high...after school just relaxed and did some schoolwork. then got ready and went to the junior class' ring cermony...yeah that was lovely...got our rings and mingled, ate and turned each others rings bc were cool like that. then made it home in time to watch life as we know it and talk to mikeyy...then went to bed

friday: HAPPY 5 MONTHS MIKEYY!! it was "halloween" at school and all of shs got all decked outtt...except moi n some other "cool" people...but it was crazy...ppl are nuts! but overall it was a pretty chill day. then came home...relaxed and got ready and then mikey came over <33 we just hung out most of the night and we went out with my parents for a bit and we got kicked out of blockbuster because "it's not a hang out place" bc it was taking us a while...okay maybe a long time to decide on a movie..sry were indecisive ppl. then came back and relaxed. then after he left, we chatted a bit online and then i went to bed

saturday: woke up early to go set up for homecoming with tuohy! then came home and relaxed. then got ready and went to go watch the parade with the fam bc im too cool to march in the parade. then we met up with angies family and gina. after the parade...me, angie, gina and angies little sister went for pizza. then we chilled back at angies and then went to the homecoming football game. we met up with a bunch of ppl and had a good time. watched some of the football game. then me n tuohy called kevin and we slipped in the mud...ahhhh ahahahhahaha. then we went back to watch some more of the game and the half time stuff. very cuteee. then watched a little more of the game and left bc i was cold n tired. then re-showered and got ready. then went to tuohys house with alcoholic beverages in my pants *wink* then we chilled...then ashley came...and we just talked about some intimate stuff and got ready. then kevin and phil picked us up to take us to nicks party. and me n tuohy...had wayyy too muchhh pregaminggg fun and we were like gone by the time we got to sammis house to meet up with ppl to go to the party with. then i remember phil stealing my beer and all of a sudden mikey was there! and the rest was kind of a blurrr...haha. but i do remember my dad picking me, tuo n ash up...and talking to my mom on the couch when i got home and not even being able to look at her. then she said i looked tired and should go to bed...so thats what i did...but i didnt feel good...but after i got sick i felt a little better and finally fell asleep!

sunday: HAPPY HALLOWEEN & HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! woke up a couple times during the night not feeling well. then got up at one point and took a shower. then went to church with the family. (still not feeling well) then out to breakfast with the family for daddys birthday! then came home and ash n tuo called me and were checking up on me and filling me in on all the crazy things i was doing the previous night. damn im really horny and psycho wen im drunk...haha. then did my apus essay. then went over to tuohys with ash, zimmy & lisa. and we "trick or treated" then went back to ashleys for awhile. then we went to blockbusters and got a couple of movies and the sex magazine (that was sooo orgasmic..hahahaha). then went back to ashleys and like pigged out, watching cabin fever...a gross and very random movie...PANCAKES with the matrix moves!!! and ashleys neighbors n family...tryin to scare us...ohh mann!! then we were home alone and zimm kept trying to scare us half to death! then we got some eggs and toliet papers and went on the streets! yeah and we were sooo crazy..running away from random cars and clowns and dogs that looked like baby deer and under the bridge...ohh mann good timesss!! and then our trip to cvs for condoms and shaving cream...haha...which we didnt go through with bc cvs was out of shaving cream...crazy niteeee guyysss!! then went back to ashleys to watch mean girls...but i left shortly after bc i still had some schoolwork to do...so i did that and then called jackie. and my mom like overheard part of my conversation and thinks i was drinking...hahaha...like of course i was...but im not gunna tell her that...haha. then afterwards mikey called. talked to him and then went to bed.

today: today was a senior cut day, yet half the school cut...but no not me...im a loser! haha...so today was a pretty like relaxing day...watched a couple of movies, didnt do much work or have much homework...so that was good. came home and ive been playing with RHAPSODY my new best friend...its this free trial music downloading thing that best buy gave us when my parents bought a dvd/vhs machine thing...so yeah its good. i can download as many songs as i want, free of charge..ohh mann! haha. now i should go eat something and get ready bc im seeing mikey soonnn!!!!!
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone – Glass Tiger

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October 27th, 2004

07:56 pm - I Love Oatmeal - Norm
okay here i am...finally...i know everyones been waiting for my posts...

okay so saturday nite...i finished most of my homework then i went to church with mommie. then i went to michaels house and got spend the night with him <33 enough said...then came home and chilled and then went to bed

sunday: got to sleep nice and late...watched the giants lose :( and finish ip my drivers ed project and my english essay. chilled and relaxed pretty much, which was good, then watched desperate housewives with mommie. then mikey called, so i talked to him and then went sleepy.

monday: school...was long and boring but it was PJ DAY! woo hoo! haha. came home and did homework n studying n stuff...then watched 7th heaven and everwood...then mikey called, talked to him and then went to bed.

tuesday: more school...PRO SPORT TEAM DAY! haha yes...got all decked out in my isles attire. and jack in her rangers stuff. yeah were the only ppl too cool to wear hockey jerseys in the school. whatever. chilled a little after school with ppl...then went to drivers ed lecture...ahhh its torture man! b ut i got to submit my project...so at least thats outta the way :) then came home and did my homework and some studying. then watched one tree hill. then watched some of the bosox game. mikey called, so talked to him and then went to bed. i cant believe those red sux are up 3 games to 0! damnit! lets go cardinalss!!

today!: yes...school again...formal day...blah! didnt do that...no way was i dressing up for school. whatever it was long and boring esp when theres no lunch period. so me n jackie went back to jackies house after school today...and while she made herself a veggie burger, i was a cow and had peanut butter...(smoothy or nuts...umm BOTH!), fluff and chocolate syrup sandwhich hahaha. then we went in jacks room and while she chatted online, i called 1000000000 numbers tryin to figure out brendans cell bc he decided to change one digit on me and not tell me! sooo yeah i talked to a lot of random people n said some pretty outrageous things...ahhh hahaha! halloween chanting ghost, that i brought to drivers ed? haha. then take random pics with jacks digital on our walk back to school and the bathroom and in the drivers ed car...ohhh mannnn good times with the drivers ed ppl!!!! yes i drove again today...wooo hooo!!! and norms random discussions...oatmeal!! then came home...mommie got me quiznos and enjoyed that...then wrote some 150 word essay about imagination in french and did the rest of my homework...now im here for a bit b4 i go do some apus and watch random tv bc im like that...yeahh...i really dont want jackie to update those pics on her webshots...bc ahhh you'll go blind! ahaha

like you need more to read...stole this from kim!!!!!!!

A - Accent:
- i love'em!! northern europe ones are the bestest!

B - Breast size:
- umm yeah not big

C - Chore you hate:
- cleaning the dishes

D - Dad's name:
- pete

E - Essential make-up item:
- eyeliner

F - Favorite perfume/oil scent:
- i have a bunch, depends what i feel like using...

G - Gold or silver:
- platinum...but if i hafta pick...white gold...damn sorry...silver

H - Hometown:
- born in queens, partially grew up in brooklyn & seaford

I - Insomnia:
- the movie?

J - Job title:
- SHS junior

K - Kids:
- no i dont have any, thank the good lord

L - Living arrangements:
- me, mommie, daddy, pete & of course slimy & my birdies :)

M - Mom's birthplace:
- brooklyn

N - Number of apples you've eaten:
- a lot :) i love apples...esp w/ peanut butter...hehe

O - Overnight hospital stays:
- only when i was a newbie

P - Phobia:
- death

Q - Quote you like:
- i like so many...dont make me pick!

R - Religious affiliation:
- catholic

S - Siblings:
- peter

T - Time you wake up:
- school days...6 am
days off...whenever the hell i feel like getting up :)

U - Unnatural hair colors you've worn:
- never dyed my hair

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat:
- like stringy green ones, like spinach

W - Worst habit:
- overreacting over nothing :/

X - X-rays you've had:
- only my teeth when i go to the dentist

Y - Yummy foods you make:
- brownies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, mac & cheese, pasta...yeah thats about it

Z - Zodiac sign:
- gemini...yes my people know im a TRUE gemini :)
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Still - 98 Degrees

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October 23rd, 2004

12:25 pm
sorry ppl i dont update this often, im lazy :)

wednesday night: so after dinner, had like no homework so i went to volunteer at sws with mommie and peter. then came home and watched game 7. while on the fone with michael, we witnessed the red sox make history and advance to the world series! damnit! the red sox played good though so im not gunna be a sore loser about it. anyway then i went to bed, the last late night...yes!

thursday: went to school and got teased by some ppl about the yanks...hmm whatever. school was kinda boring...whatever. came home, did some homework and realaxed. then went to drivers ed lecture with the insurance speaker and it was boring but i was communicating with like everyone, so it was all good. i started to cry in the middle of it because im never gunna be able to afford this...i really hope my parents go dutch w/me. haha whatever then came home just in time for life as we know it...ahhh thats the best show everrrrrrrrr!!! then michael called, talked to him for awhile while watching a sex survey and then went to sleep

friday: got a phone call around 630 from my moms friend saying our old brooklyn apartment building was on fire :/ then went to school...another long day...a lot of bitching and complaining today from people..arghhh! cant stand'em. then afterschool me, jack, zimm, tuo n ppl went to key club. then mommie came to pick me up and she doesnt understand why i go to school looking like crap haha. anyway then afetrwards, came home and did some of my drivers ed project. then showered and got ready and me n stina went to outbacks for our "6:30 reservation" and then kristie, sammi, ash n tuo came. and then zimm. some of our friends didnt come bc they were sick, had other plans or workin. but some ppl just didnt feel like showing up or picking up their cell phones. losers! so we waited for like an 1.5 hours to be seated...even though we had reservations, they told us it would be a half hour and letting other ppl go ahead of us. finally we get seated near the bar with gross men looking at us, loud music and freezing air. but the manager felt bad for us and bought us appeztiezers...so we got 4 for 7 of us just because...and it turned out to be like $30s worth haha. our waiter was awesome, we got strawberry dacquirs n stuff. then after...we had our 'chocolate' bread and salads. by the time our entrees came, we were stuffed, yet we ate everything. we were soooo loud and crazy, people near by were just liek staring at us. but we had such a good time...that group is amazing. they were playing 80s music n stuff and at one point i couldnt handle it anymore and just got up in the middle of the resturant and lke ripped off my jacket and started dancing haha. then zimmy joined me so i didnt look like an idiot by myself. then all the waiters came with a little cake for stina...bc it was her birthday we were going out for. and that was amazing. then we paid and left. chilled outside for awhile and then everyone was like tired bc everyone had something to do in the morning so we called it a night. so came home, went online and talked to mikey for awhile and did some more of my d/e project. then went to bed.

today: woke up early today and drove around a little. then drove to tackapusha to go some cleaning up with the key club. haha. it was like me, zimm, tuo, dannie, her sister jackie, jamie, tim, andrew n people...very cool. git bagels before and chatted with the figs. we had fun bc were losers like that. we found some funky things...but no full case of unopened coronas again like last year :( and we were crazy all up in those thorns to get garbage...gettin pricked and scratced and yes i have battle wounds...on my ankle and my face...ohhh well. then i drove home and yes im getting better :) and showered because i was icky and now my parents friends are here and i have a lot of homework to do...so im gunna do that sooo i can hang out tonight :)

Here's a random picture Holly sent to me the other day...


how cute is that! sexy mattias in his swedish kitchen in an apron, making oatmeal?? for his adorable son elliott
Current Mood: nerdynerdy
Current Music: Together Forver - Rick Astley

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October 20th, 2004

06:18 pm
happy birthday stina, sloss and the rest of you ppl born on this day haha

monday: just did some homework and studying. started watching the yanks. then watched some of 7th heaven and like none of everwood bc i was watching the yanks. mikey called and the yanks still lost to the red sox :( ohh well, another late nite then went to bed.

tuesday: school...long day...ughhh. then after school went to drivers ed lecture with people. then after school went back to jacks house and we hung out for awhile. then came home and did some homework n studyin n stuff. quickly ate dinner watched the yanks and one tree hill. then got on the fone with mikey and once again we got to witness them losing for the 3rd straight time to the boston dirtbags :/ after it was over i finally went to bed :)

today: so i had school today...nothing much really occured. then after school me n jack wet back to jacks house for a little while. and then we went back to the school for drivers ed. i went first and i did awesome three point turns :)haha then came home. and now im sitting here awaiting my dinner to finish cooking...
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
Current Music: I'll Be - Edwin McCain

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October 18th, 2004

03:29 pm
alright now where did i leave you stalkers off...

thursday night: watched some shows including life as we know it...and yes it is sexual and amazing, haha so i called jack and we babbled for a bit. then mikey called so i talked to him. then went to bed.

friday: woke up...showered...got ready and went to school....it was just another regular day at seaford high. then came home and relaxed. then got ready and went to mikeys house to watch the yanks but they were cancelled so we just relaxed and watched some ferris buellers day off, random british shows, haha. yeah so then i went home and fell right asleep.

saturday: got to wake up nice and early to go take psats...sweatpants, sweatshirts, absolutely no make up and hair thrown up...yeah it was a great look...everyone had it except kiki in her jeans and jean jacket with fox fur :/ haha...anyway...test wasnt bad..the math was kinda easy and the vocab was a killer. then afterwards mommie picked me up and we hit up roosevelt field for a couple hours and went shopping. got a couple tops from various stores, its all good. then we went to church and then came home and got ready for mikey to come over.then me, mikey n mommie went to stinas family birthday gathering. so me n mikey chilled a bit with sti and chris...got some pina colodas and ate chinese food for dinner (yes like it my dream). then we just hung downstairs with the men and talked and watched the yanks beat up the soxx. then we had rockyroad ice cream cake and that was amazing! then we walked back to my house and mikey left so i stayed up to talk to and watch the end of the yankees victory over the bosox 19-8 :) then went to bed

sundaY: i wa spriviledged to wake up before 8 am again...to go with my mom and her friend and their family to the breast cancer walk. it was a tad chilly and crowded but it was for a good cause soo it was all good. then me n mommie ventured into brooklyn to spend the day with grandma. did some of my homework and watched some amazing movies then we ate and played a bunch of games. then we left and made it home in time for the yanks/bosox game...the game they couldve swept but didnt. so in the midst of watching the game mikey called and we talked and watched the game. yeah but the yanks blew the lead and went into extra. so after regulation time...me n mikey said goodnight but i stayed up to try and watch the rest of the game and i guess at some point i mustve fell asleep bc the next thing i know it was morning and my tv was off and my daddy had written me a note that said yanks lost in 12...6-4 to the damn bosox...arghh!!!

today: so yeah after recieving that news i showered, got ready and went to school. yeah it was another day of school...long and boring :\ and now im home eating apples with peanut butter and about to start some of my homework bc the yanks/bosox start up again at 5 and if the yanks win we go to the world series babyyY! wooO!!! yes im being optimistic about this :)
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
Current Music: I Go To Extremes - Billy Joel

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October 14th, 2004

04:54 pm - I NEED AN ORGASM!
Tuesday: after school...did some homework then relaxed and watched the Yankees kick the Red Sox ass with mikey on the fone!! woo hooo!! it was a great gameeee!!!

Wednesday: THE DAY THE ISLES SEASON WAS SUPPOSED TO START AWAY VS. got up...showered...got ready and went to school. yeah it was a usual boring school day. then after school, my brother was off so he was hangin out n my school and was too cool to say hello to me..ohh well. then lost jackie then found her and we walked to get chinky. ate and then walked back to the school. we still had a good 45 mins to chill before drivers ed. so i watched jack do her homework bc i had like none. so i layed on the floor and screamed at ppl...haha. then we went driving. everyone drove pretty good...i got to go last...from massapequa <33 back to the school. yeah then came home and did some homework. then went to sws to volunteer with my brother and mother bc volunteer hours always look good and esp i can take advantage of that now bc i dont have a job...so yeah. chilled there and patrolled the hall while studyin ap us for awhile. then got dunkin doughnuts and came home to watch the second game of the alcs. then mikey called, and he heard me flip out bc i cant find my winter clothes...argh!!!and then we "watched" the game together. watched our yankees win again!! wooo hoo!! 2-0 babyyy!!! then i was exhausted so i went to sleep.

Thursday: woke up...showered...got ready and went to school. yeah it was another boring day of school. had picture day and vocal testing...hmm. whatever. got to go home afterschool so that was good. did my homework, updated my webpages a tad bit. ahh my brother just told me that one of his little friends from SJB his dad's friend was brad isbister's real estate guy and helped him buy houses!! eeeee!!! now im gunna go study for a couple tests bc theres some good shows on tonight...bu-bye (hahahha jack)
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
Current Music: I Don't Wanna Be - Gavin DeGraw

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October 12th, 2004

06:18 pm - I Love Rivers
soooo yesterday...woke up and chilled then went over to stinas with tuohy to work on our english project...sammi didnt come but she was sending stuff online and over the fone...then chris came over and he took one look at our project and couldnt believed we had worked 5 hours on the project bc it looked like a bunch of kindergarteners put it together. well we were busy doin other things like mash, lemons, eating all of stinas food and blasting random music...haha. then came home, finished up some stuff and ready for school. had dinner then watched 7th heaven and everwood. then called mikey and we had a very in-depth chat...and then watched some tv and went to bed. rip christopher reeve!

woke up this morning...showered...got ready and went to school. school was alright. drivers ed lecture was soo boring. then went back to jackies and chilled there for awhile till mommie picked me up after work. then came home and now im trying to do all this homework so i can watch my sexy yankees kick some boston red sox asssssss! and watch one tree hill...hehehe.
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: Take On Me - A-Ha

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October 11th, 2004

12:30 am
so woke up this morning and went to church with the family. then we went to breakfast at the diner and i got to drive there. then came home and spent the whole day doing REPRISE and my ap us essay. watched the giants win 26-10. now theyre what...4-1! then showered and just chilled. didnt feel like going to the club at the time and now i feel bad i didnt go. spent my whole night in the house doing nothing besides watching tv and eating hehe bc ppl feel its okay not to get back to me wen were supposed to hanggg. argh heard hwat happened to Mo's family in panama :( so what does that leave...gordon as a closer...hmm...well the games resume tuesday nite...sooo...so whatever now im on helpin my brother find stuff for his italian project n on the fone with mike :/
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Current Music: Someday - Nickelback

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October 9th, 2004

11:25 pm
okay so i havent updated in awhile....

friday: woke up...showered...got ready and went to school. yeah it was kinda broing or whatever. we watched the best movie everrrrr in french haha...yeah random whatever. whatever then some of us chilled after school bc were cool like that. then came home, chilled around, showered, got dressed and curled my hair for MANDAS SWEET 16!! she looked soooo pretttyyyy!!! aww we had a ton of fun...dancing...eating...partyin it uppp!! then came home and was soo tired. so i went to bed.

saturday: awoken a little after 9 bc my cousins came to pick up the rest of my family to go wine tasting in greenport...yeah everyone that went with us to lake george this summer went...except the buffalo ppl and me...bc i had "too much homework" haha. so i was up...so i showered and did some of my ap work. then mikey called and came over for like the whole afternoon. and we got to chill and we had a very interesting but very awesome day..haha! then after he left, tuo came to pick me up and the two of us went to go see riase your voice bc were cool like that. we got told to be quiet by some old lady..haha. very cute movie! then afterwards...we went into dunkin doughnuts and got drinks and chilled and talked n stuff. then we were walking around and we saw a bunch of guys we know and a lot of random guy filled cars...and we were afraid we were gunna get raped and die...so we ran to the diner. and we sat in there for awhile, got some food and just talked n stuff. and now im home and im doin the work that i told mommie i was gunna do before. haha. ohhhh and my very awesome and amazing yankees came back from losing to beat the twins in the 11th and that means the yanks won 3 games outta 5 and will advance to the ALCS vs the BOSOX!! woooo this is like a rematch from last season!! wooo hooo!!
Current Mood: recumbentrecumbent
Current Music: Fly – Hilary Duff

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October 7th, 2004

05:42 pm
okay so last nite i got into an explosive fight with the parents...ohh lord!! but the yanks played an amazing game vs the twins in the second ALDS game...yanks came back in the 12th i think and won 7-6! didnt get much sleep last nite

woke up this morning..showered...got ready and went to school. another rough day at school, i was crying and nasty...haha yeah dont ask. and during gym i thought i was gunna die when me n steve were tryin to run the mile...haha. and i get dissed out by mrs cruz..like whats up with that bitch! arghh! but whatever...tried to make the best of the day...yeah french was nuts..as always..ha. then chilled after school for awhile, then mommie picked me up. came home...made mommie & daddy a cake & some cupcakes bc i felt guilty haha...with me n mandas "special recipe" then did some homework and watched full house. now im here tryin to find some stuff for our english presentation bc our group knows nothing haha...and then i guess ill study a bit later and yeahhh
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
Current Music: Discotek - S Club

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